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For those of you who weren't at the meeting, I accepted Bill's nomination for CIRGA Chair. Woot! I'll write up one of those formal-type letters later, but for right now, I wanted to drop a quick line and put some thoughts I had out on the table.

My focus will be to assist guilds to entertain patrons in a historically accurate manner. Within that framework, here's some thoughts that I have to try and get that job done.

I'd like to see

  • Playshops (interactive workshops) using a variety of ways to teach people what they need to know to put on the best show possible. (yes, I know the name's cheesy *grin*)
  • Open get-togethers where guilds can meet and talk with one another about things that they'd like to do.
  • People writing articles about the areas of faire that they know best. These articles will be posted on the website.
  • More communication among each other about what we've found that works when gigging with patrons
  • Ideas from everyone on how we can make this a great place to interact with one another

In my experience, it's really difficult to plan gigs while you're AT faire. There's a hundred different things drawing your attention away from the task at hand. Granted, some of the best gigs are generated on the fly, and improv's always great if you're talented at it. But to have a venue where we can invent ways to actually touch the individual patron and create a special memory I feel would be a boon to the community at large.... Personal interaction draws them back for the next year; it gives them a story to tell their buddies at work (who want to come with them next time) which in turn helps to keep the faires going.

That allows us to continue to do what we love.

Talk, share ideas, tell me I'm tilting at windmills - I don't care. My goal is to get stuff on the table to discuss. Communication is key. What would YOU like to see?

I will say however, the very best way to communicate with me is through


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