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CIRGA Website Policy....

Guests & Non CIRGA members Click Here, members read on....

The CIRGA webpage has been made possible by the payment of dues by it's members. At the January 1997 CIRGA meeting the membership voted to raise the CIRGA dues 100%; to $20.00. This increase in membership dues allowed this site to become a reality. At the May 1997 meeting the below Website policy was proposed and ratified by the membership.

1. The CIRGA website will be overseen by the CIRGA board and maintained by the CIRGA webmaster. The CIRGA webmaster will be appointed by the CIRGA membership.

2. The CIRGA webpage is for CIRGA members, however it should be open to anyone who wants to visit it provided they agree to CIRGA's visitor rules outlined herein.

3. As a paid current CIRGA member guild, event committee or informational subscription as pertains to the website you are entitled to:

1. Have your guild listed as a CIRGA member on the website.

2. Have a free homepage on the CIRGA site and or a hyperlinked listing to your existing site and or e-mail address. Faire boards shall be listed both in the "Faire Listing" area and the "Renaissance Hyperlinks" area, if meeting the following criteria:

a). you are an individual/faire board who is directly involved with the organization of that event/faire and have paid dues current with CIRGA under that event/board name.

b). you are a guild that is directly putting on a event (faire) as the host guild. Having a member of your guild who independently organizes a renaissance event/faire does not qualify, they must join CIRGA as an event/faire board under paragraph a., above.

c). your event pertains to the renaissance as listed in the CIRGA standard operating procedures.

3. Be given the passwords to all "member only" areas

4. Be able to actively participate in the content of the site, e.g.. post guild photos, participate in discussions as pertaining to the renaissance, listing your groups meeting (date, time and place), costuming, acting and related renaissance postings etc.

4. As a non CIRGA member (visitor & guest) you may, as pertaining to the CIRGA website:

1. Visit the site as often as you like as a guest of CIRGA.

2. As pertains the "Faire Listing" area: List your renaissance event and it's date, not your guild or organization, as long as:

a. The event or faire meets the criteria for an event that pertains to the renaissance as listed in the CIRGA standard operating procedures.

b. The event or fair is not clearly in opposition to the goals and mission of CIRGA.

3. As pertains to the "Renaissance Hyperlinks" area only list internet sites and pages that are in terms of the renaissance period:

a. Historically educational

b. Links to Colleges & University's

c. Links to Library & otherwise deemed, reference sources

No site shall be listed under the above paragraph 3, sections a., b. or c. that is clearly in opposition to the goals and mission of CIRGA.

4. Only have access to areas of the site that are not "member only" areas.

5. Agree that you are a guest and that your listing and or event may be removed without notice at any time.

5. The password areas would be defined as:

1. The CIRGA membership listings.

2. Area containing documents that would only be used by current & dues paid CIRGA members.

3. Any area that contains information that should be deemed accessible to CIRGA members only.

6. Passwords will be changed (new ones mailed/e-mailed) every year or in a case where corruption has been attempted (e.g. somebody gives out the password(s) and we have to change them).

7. Under no circumstances will items for sale, events or schemes for personal profit or groups that are non renaissance related be listed.

8. All member links, member homepages and member e-mail links are listed/linked only as long as CIRGA dues are paid for the current year. If dues are not kept current and unless other arrangements have been made (e.g.. contacting a CIRGA board member or the CIRGA webmaster directly), the guild/group/board name will be removed from both the membership list & "Renaissance Hyperlinks" area. Further any CIRGA site residing homepages (e.g.. guild pages ending in "cirga.org") will be placed in electronic off-line storage (at no cost). The aforementioned to remain in effect until such a time as dues are brought current.

9. All pages, photos, soundclips and writings unless otherwise copyrighted outside of CIRGA's scope, become electronic property of the CIRGA membership and as further outlined in the document "CIRGA Website Form". CIRGA reserves the right to edit content.

10. CIRGA accepts no responsibility for or makes no guarantees as to the accuracy of information contained in the website.

Non-members please consult our website policies page
1990-2007 California Independent Renaissance Guild and Group Association